Sunday, March 7, 2010

Project 2

This is project number 2. For this project we randomly chose two words others in the class associated with project one, then randomly chose a medium and created a piece based on these three words. My random selections were bathroom, measured, and black & white acrylic paint. The imagery I chose to talk about bathrooms was a photograph of the underside of my sink. I think the image is good because it is everything that the bathroom is about. Clean water comes in, dirty water goes out. The idea of measured led me to cut my panel into squares which correspond to the grid drawn on the photograph. The idea is that I can scrutinize each square in order to accurately render to image. Also, measured= repeated= lots of squares. The acrylic paint was a struggle, but I am satisfied with the resulting image. Conceptually I guess the piece makes sense, although I would not say that I am particularly interested in the ideas associated with a bathroom. I am, however, interested in the architecture and composition of the photograph I took and the industrial aesthetic associated with the fixtures. So, to wrap things up, I feel that this piece is as successful as it could have been and corresponds to my particular interest in the subject.

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