Monday, May 17, 2010


This is the drawing that I did to emulate the style of Jenny Brillhart. Brillhart paints very straightforward compositions of interesting architectural spaces. Her work is about composition building and lends itself to the traditional media of painting. For my piece I chose very similar subject matter but chose to use charcoal and introduce color through thin washes of watercolor in an attempt to begin to add color to my work. I feel that this was a good exploration for me in terms of using color within a style that I prefer to work in through most media. Brillhart as a way about describing space through the subtlety of color gradient shifts that I hope to eventually achieve. The over-all consensus is that I should "backed up" the composition allowing more room for a horizon line or other spatial clues that would help allude more to architecture or actual space rather than a Mondrian-esque composition .

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