Sunday, January 31, 2010


Hi, I am Adam and I am an art major. My concentration is in ceramics but I find drawing to be very valuable to the work I do. Ideas often times begin on paper and knowing how to get those ideas out effectively is important, which is how I find myself in this class. I am very interested in line weight and the idea of cross contours, which helps my mind see three dimensionally. Making work three dimensionally as well as two dimensionally is sort of like creative cross training, where each mode of creating lends itself to the other. I would like to push myself in this class to explore some textural venues and hopefully translate that knowledge to my work in ceramics.

Last semester I put in a lot of time building a portfolio to apply
to graduate school with, and this winter break I applied to three graduate programs (ASU, UNL, and Alfred NY), so we will see what happens.
It was a lot of work but a good experience in terms of dealing with deadlines, as well as an eye opener in terms of the work required to funnel information to the right people at the right time. This
is the semester of my senior show so I will be putt
ing in lots of time making work for that, as well as finishing a minor in photography. Ultimately I hope
to enjoy this semester and avoid all instances of stress, because shit, its my last semester.

Here's some of last semester's work

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